Mojah provides a variety of high-precision security cameras, as well as the installation service for both stationary and mobile surveillance cameras, for use in any setting, from private residences to commercial buildings of any size.

Our professionals take the customer’s needs into consideration, which will help in the selection of appropriate cameras that suit their building needs.

Moreover, with the Internet CCTV connectivity solution we offer, you can monitor what’s happening inside your house or business from anywhere you happen to be.


Analog cameras can record straight to a video tape recorder that can capture analogue signals as images. It is possible to convert analogue signals to digital ones so that analogue recordings can be stored digitally on a computer.

Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras can send and receive data through a network or the Internet, making them ideal for use in surveillance.

– Can be recorded directly to a video tape recorder capable of recording analog signals as an image. Analog signals can also be converted to a digital signal to enable recordings to be stored on a computer as digital recordings.
An IP camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly used for surveillance, which unlike CCTV cameras can terminate and receive data over a computer network and the Internet.

A multi-screen video wall, which can display an endless number of camera images over numerous displays, is an efficient solution that runs on its own computer. A multi-screen video wall gives security operators more flexibility and access to network video for real-time monitoring of several cameras in a single or multiple locations around the clock.

Video Converter allows for the transmission of video over extensive distances, which is necessary for many modern uses, such as security and surveillance, digital signage, and multimedia entertainment.

Mojah’s time and attendance system includes biometric verification and is tailored to your needs and can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure.

Mojah offers a broad selection of security panels, interface switchboards, detection sensors, and accessories that you can buy and have installed by a professional. Also, we provide comprehensive security solutions for any residential, commercial, or industrial real estate, as well as gold and jewellery stores, exchange shops, and any other building requiring security.

Mojah offers unified control systems that can run on the customer’s existing network with little to no additional bandwidth. In addition, we work to offer solutions that cater to the safety requirements of our clients both now and in the future. As time goes on and new technologies emerge, we can always improve upon our existing technologies.

The primary function of barriers is to restrict access only to those who have been granted permission to enter, while causing the least amount of inconvenience to those who don’t have access.

In the business and industrial sectors, Mojah provides and installs turnstiles that are both affordable and durable. There are many different ways to manage and direct traffic flow, including complicated outdoor designs, indoor designs, unmanned designs, manned operations, mechanical and electrical operation, and unidirectional or bidirectional clockwise or anticlockwise operation. It’s the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, stadiums, business offices, government buildings, and more.

The Talking Masses method is useful in busy places like shopping malls and office complexes. Mojah has the ability to supply a wide variety of these systems to meet your needs.

With Mojah’s cutting-edge integrated healthcare communications system, nursing staff will be able to deliver prompt patient care at the push of a button whenever it is requested. In addition, we are able to incorporate many additional visual systems, including but not limited to telephones, pagers, real-time locators, access control, fire alarms, and the building management system.

Mojah provides a cutting-edge internal communication system that allows the customer to communicate effectively while also preventing interference from third parties.

Mojah is a supplier of handheld scanners and metal detectors, both of which are utilized for the purpose of providing security at establishments such as schools, airports, jails, and embassies, as well as at special events such as sporting competitions, political events, conferences, and concerts.

Mojah’s cutting-edge lighting automatic systems are economical and innovative in ways that go far beyond just making it simple to change the bulbs.