MOM provides a layer of cladding and aluminum that works to resist a variety of weather elements, heat insulation, fire resistance, and shock resistance. Cladding is used to seal storefronts, businesses, and buildings since it consists of panels made up of two layers of aluminum with plastic insulation or another insulating substance. In addition, it has many shapes and colors that make a unique interface, as well as the interior design of the facilities.


Mojah plays a leading role in the execution of glass works, and it always performs to the highest standards of quality and safety within industry standards and guidelines, with an eye towards environmental protection. In addition, we’re capable of delivering the contracted job on time and per the agreed-upon standards.

The industry-focused team was formed to construct curtain wall openings in a radial pattern, using fixed frames and glass windows of equal visible area separated by equal sharing gaps. This is commonly referred to as the curtain wall system. We focus on building and renovating facilities of all sizes by collaborating closely with designers, architects, and engineers. From the first meeting to the final delivery, our team of seasoned glass craftsmen contributes in-depth industry knowledge to every job they take on; provide delivery assistance, including logistical services and project management.

Mojah has spent years honing the skills and expertise in the field, allowing us to adapt and implement numerous glazing projects for the construction industry. Project management, engineering, executive work, and, if required, professional design have always been provided by us.

In addition, our engineering design and implementation team is highly regarded in the industry, and its members have successfully completed a wide range of projects in the Gulf region. Our clients reap the most benefits from our attention to these crucial points, which include ensuring the job is carried out in accordance with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Skylights are an alternative choice for bringing natural light indoors and can effectively light up a whole room. Stainless steel, textured glass, transparent glass, or semi-transparent glass are all viable possibilities for a ceiling opening. It is typically composed of a steel structure with a curtain system made of aluminum or steel structures with a layer of glass mesh, or a mix of the two.

In its pursuit of customer satisfaction, MOJAH CO. distinguished itself in the design and implementation of the works of the heavenly domes, where it benefited from the expertise of technical specialists in implementation and the design prowess of distinguished engineers employing the best worldwide systems available.


Aluminum composite panels are strong and resistant to air and climatic elements, making them ideal for use in the cladding of facades and walls to create the desired look. Mojah creates a thorough client needs definition and an initial visualization plan for the aesthetic shape of the facades to be covered according to the required standards, and then we present the design in its final image with the work of the necessary executive drawings and a detailed vision. 

As a result of the availability of manpower from technical labour and engineers based on implementation, MOJAH CO. has implemented a large number of notable sliding window and door works. These works have been completed for a variety of private establishments, including villas, palaces, residential, commercial, administrative, and public facilities in health, education, and tourism.

To get the best possible results, our company relies on technical cadres who have a great deal of experience working in the aluminum doors and windows industry. Furthermore, we are constantly eager to follow anything that is new in the aluminum world and make use of the most recent finishing techniques, the best international accessories, or any of the emerging materials used in the process of implementing and finishing the aluminum articulated doors and windows. In the future, we hope that our company will be able to expand its operations internationally.

MOJAH CO. has implemented many
distinguished sliding windows and doors
works, and thanks to the availability of
manpower from technical labor and
engineers based on implementation, the
company has implemented many works with
a number of private establishments of villas,
palaces, residential, commercial,
administrative, and public facilities of health,
education, and tourism

Mojah has a renowned team of expert engineers and a specialized workforce, and it is always eager to provide engineering and creative solutions that allow our customers to acquire the desired comfort and luxury through the use of professional labor and the latest technologies and techniques of implementation. Foldable systems offer a potential solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to space utilization.